Celebrating Self-Care for the Caregiver

May is often known as the month for Mother’s day, but in this age of non-binary identity I choose to celebrate the next 2 months as the Caregiver’s months, beginning with Nurturer’s Day on May 13, 2018. I grew up being trained to be a caregiver, and I found myself falling into the widely held unspoken belief that I was to care for everyone else, but not myself. Over the last several decades, I have been honored to work on many individuals who selflessly work day-in and day-out for their entire lives in the service of others. Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to be in service to my family, my community and to my world! I am also an avid advocate for not leaving yourself out. If you are not in service to yourself, then you are exploiting a hidden weakness in your family, your community and your world. You are using up a finite resource without recharging it. You are disrespecting a person within all of those groups. You are poisoning the mind, the body and the soul of a person who is desperately needed by their family, community and world. It’s time to change the paradigm!

What kind of an amazing world could we create if it began with the idea that each of us is responsible for self-care? Wearing yourself to the bone would not be tolerated. Setting unachievable goals would be unacceptable. Forgetting to eat, or take time to relax would never again be viewed as lazy. Children often learn far more from what they see and experience than from what they are told. Adults may learn at a slower pace, having lost some of the sponge-like qualities that our children possess, but we still learn from the examples around us. It is time to set the examples for our children, and our children’s children, so that they may inherit a world which prizes caregivers.

For the month of May, I am encouraging people to reach out and care for their caregivers. Don’t just give them a token gift of your affection. Give them the time and the means to restore themselves. Help them see the value in what they have come to take for granted. Show them what it is like to be cared for, by caring for them, and then by caring for yourself so they don’t have to come back and clean up a mess! Any Healing Session or Package resulting from an Initial Consultation scheduled in either May or June will include a “Happy Nurturer’s Day” card and a jar candle sent to your special nurturing caregiver so that they will be reminded that they are a light of community. Each candle will be anointed with essential oils specifically chosen for your caregiver.

Celebrate the caregiver in your life, and remind them how much you care about them! (They tend to forget!)

In love and laughter,
Master Healer, Meade Neumann