Hope is the antidote to Fear and Pain

Initial Consult

Let's meet!  This is your first step to hiring a Healer and changing your life. A 30 minute phone call to check each other out.  Do we vibe or do we push each other's buttons?  Are you ready to take your health seriously?

Meme Jan 8 2017

Energy Healing Sessions

Master Healer Meade Neumann uses a variety of Healing modalities, including Reiki and Greenlief, combined with Life Coaching and her own Intuitive Medical senses and over 25 years of experience to help understand and resolve your health issues.

Meme Jan 15 2018

Massage Healing Sessions

The body is a product of the mind and deserves its turn too!  Including all of the techniques and tools of an Energy Healing session, add the benefits of Massage and Reflexology by a trained LMBT!

Hope is about looking for the hope shining past the dark clouds of doubt

What are the differences between Energetic and Massage Healing Sessions?

In an Energetic Healing Session, I, Master Healer Meade Neumann use a combination of Healing modalities and Life Coaching to help both of us understand what is going on in you.  Your Health is a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit.  As such, each of these elements influences and manifests alignment or misalignment issues.  I focus all of my skills, experience and intuition on you, understanding your patterns and help create potential resolutions as well as tools for when you are not in a session.  I abhor feeling helpless and am a staunch advocate of education.  The more you know the more you can affect your situation!

A Massage Healing Session uses all of the same tools, modalities and techniques as an Energetic Healing Session, but adds the use of physical touch.  I am a licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker in both North Carolina and Tennessee.  I am also a Registered Certified Reflexologist for Tennessee (North Carolina carries no current regulations for Reflexology).  The body needs its turn too!  In a Massage Healing Session I encourage you to tune in to what thoughts and emotions your body is bringing to your attention, particularly in areas of pain or tension.

Are you ready?...

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