Why am I so tired?

Have you ever felt exhausted but at the same time felt like you hadn’t done anything to warrant it?  It’s important to always come at your body and your manifestations from a place of compassion and open communication.  The scientific principles apply.  Energy can not be destroyed, only changed.  If you’re feeling tired, where is your energy going?

Your body is much like a computer.  The “operating system” requires all kinds of energy uses which don’t need your permission or even awareness in order to do their job.  That includes the systems which allow your heart to beat and your neurons to fire so that you can think.  It includes your digestive system, which can get bogged down if you eat foods which are hard to process or if you have situations in your life which you are having a hard time processing.  It even includes your immune system, which is why you get tired when you get sick!

Unexplained fatigue can crop up for a variety of reasons.  The higher your blood pressure is, the harder your body has to work to get all that blood transported throughout your body.  Inflammation functions much like traffic jams in the body, narrowing the places where flow is supposed to be happening.  Tissue repairs need a lot of extra energy to take care of.  Think of your body as if it has only a certain number of “staff”.  When there’s a lot of damage, many of your staff have to stop what they are doing and go take care of the big repairs.  As everything heals, the staff go back to their regular responsibilities and the energy can be used for new things.

When working with Energy Healing, there’s a path of thought I always try to follow.

First, is there a problem, and if so, what is it?  Don’t be afraid to identify issues.  You can’t change them if you don’t understand them!

Next, dive into the issue and really understand the complexity and the depth.  Honor the fact that you are not a two dimension cardboard cutout! You are an intricately balanced entity manifesting in a human body.  Dive below the surface and figure out what the emotional components are of the issue.

Third, what could affect this situation in a positive way?  In other words, what possible solutions are there?  This is not the time to limit yourself.  This is where you stretch outside of the current limitations.  If you had all the resources, all the time, all the ability, what would you do to affect this issue?  Once you’ve done the big brainstorm, look through your ideas for some real solutions.  They will be there!

Lastly, be realistic.  This doesn’t mean that you just have to resign yourself to being the way you are, but it does mean you have to meet yourself where you are in order to move forward.  If you have never exercised on a regular basis, it is unrealistic to demand that you suddenly leap into a program an hour a day every day!  It may also be unrealistic to ask yourself to do something new without some part of your support network being activated.  Let people know that things are changing and that you are going to need a little extra help for a while.  This is not a sign of weakness! You know how you feel when you help someone.  Give someone else the gift of helping you so that you will be capable of helping others when the time is right!

All in all, it does no one any good to simply beat yourself up for being tired.  When all is said and done, relax and rest.  There are reasons for everything, though we don’t always get to know them. There are patterns in everything, though we don’t always get to understand them.

Light’s Blessings to you all!

Master Healer Meade Neumann

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Welcome to Renewed Spirit Healing!

My name is Meade Neumann and I am a Master Healer and the Owner/Operator of Renewed Spirit Healing. Your body is a manifestation of your mind and spirit and it is designed to be that way. Your soul doesn’t just inhabit that shell of flesh like some cheap rental motel. Every biological process was designed to run the energy intrinsically associated with that process, and your body was designed to always restore homeostasis, the state of prime health. Unfortunately, Life is really good at spinning you around until you have lost your directions and don’t remember which way is healthy anymore!
At Renewed Spirit Healing, I help my clients connect with their bodies, often in ways they never imagined. I help them understand where pain comes from, why imbalances exist and where fear has been holding them hostage. In finding these understandings, these patterns, we give sense to the chaos and confusion. Once we understand the patterns, we can create a path towards health. I help empower my clients and teach them techniques so that they may never have to feel helpless.
My energy work comes from three (3) main perspectives. First, I’m an Intuitive Medical. This means that your body speaks to me and gives me impressions of the emotions, the traumas and the mindset which has become laid into your body in various places. Most often, I am drawn towards what I can most easily help with, but I am capable of connecting with any part of the body as you need. 2nd, I’m a Reiki Master. If you remember the old experiment where you focused sunlight through a magnifying glass then you get the basic picture. In this case, the sunlight becomes the Universal Energy. The magnifying glass becomes me, because my job is to focus and direct the energy and then get out of the way. (What am I going to do, teach the Universe what to do?) Finally,I’m a Greenlief Master Healer. It’s an old Norse Healing Modality which allows me to put you back in touch with your own body. Basically, hundreds of years ago, they didn’t have the word for DNA, but the Norse healers believed that all creatures held an innate understanding of what they were supposed to look like and how they were supposed to function. That understanding far surpassed conscious thought and allowed the healers to tap into the body as deeply as they could understanding. Today it has evolved to incorporate and welcome the intervening hundreds of years worth of physiology, science, medicine and learning in general. Together, these skills give me a powerful ability to help you!
There are two other aspects of my services. All of my sessions include Life Coaching. I have been helping my community for over 25 years with joy. My aim is to help people understand themselves and their world so that they can make positive changes in their lives! I can also include Massage Therapy. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the last 10 years and currently hold licenses in both North Carolina and Tennessee. Massage Therapy can be a powerful tool, especially as it pertains to the concept of safe touch. When your fears have taught you decades worth of lessons on how dangerous the world is, sometimes you need a visceral understanding of safety!
You are human, and therefore you are (at some level) a social creature. The connection I establish with my clients allows them to heal old wounds, reconnecting mind, body and spirit in ways absolutely essential for Health. Don’t you deserve that?
Here’s hoping I get to hear from you soon!
In Love and Light,
Master Healer Meade Neumann