Milestones and Memories

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday and was amazed at how many people chose to celebrate it with me! Today, one of my friends put it in to perspective for me, and I wanted to share a piece of that wisdom.

Do you know how you are seen by the world? Most of us don’t, and it takes a momentous event for us to look at what has been reflected in to our lives. Our inside selves are always attracting more of that into our lives! When we are happy with ourselves and growing in loving and nurturing ways, we attract loving and nurturing events and people to us. When we are disgusted and angry with ourselves, cringing and battling inside, we attract more of that into our lives!

Personally, I love spending time noticing and appreciating the gifts of my life. I watch the world and I get a kick out of seeing a bird fly by, or watching a friend smile. I have the best job in the world, because I get to help people make their lives better. I purposefully choose to dive into the chaos and the confusion with each of my clients, and I do so without fear. We dig in and we find the hidden treasures, the deep meanings and the lost connections. Suddenly, patterns emerge and knowledge presents itself! The chaos resolves into meanings and the first emotion that hits every single time is relief and joy!

Why? For one moment, they realize that there are reasons for everything. As humans, we tend to have a problem letting go and just allowing things to happen for no particular reason. It irks us, particularly when things are not comfortable! So when that moment of pattern emerges, it’s absolutely fantastic! It becomes a foothold, from which you can continue to choose how you travel your path of life. It becomes proof that you are not falling and that you are not failing. You can’t get Life wrong unless you give up on it.

So, today, I urge you all to give yourself a chance to find your light of hope within and without yourself. Who are you attracting in to your life? What moments of beauty or rage are you seeing acted out around you? What value and respect are you giving others, but maybe not yourself?

You have the power. I help give you the perspective.

Light’s blessings, to you all

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Why am I so tired?

Have you ever felt exhausted but at the same time felt like you hadn’t done anything to warrant it?  It’s important to always come at your body and your manifestations from a place of compassion and open communication.  The scientific principles apply.  Energy can not be destroyed, only changed.  If you’re feeling tired, where is your energy going?

Your body is much like a computer.  The “operating system” requires all kinds of energy uses which don’t need your permission or even awareness in order to do their job.  That includes the systems which allow your heart to beat and your neurons to fire so that you can think.  It includes your digestive system, which can get bogged down if you eat foods which are hard to process or if you have situations in your life which you are having a hard time processing.  It even includes your immune system, which is why you get tired when you get sick!

Unexplained fatigue can crop up for a variety of reasons.  The higher your blood pressure is, the harder your body has to work to get all that blood transported throughout your body.  Inflammation functions much like traffic jams in the body, narrowing the places where flow is supposed to be happening.  Tissue repairs need a lot of extra energy to take care of.  Think of your body as if it has only a certain number of “staff”.  When there’s a lot of damage, many of your staff have to stop what they are doing and go take care of the big repairs.  As everything heals, the staff go back to their regular responsibilities and the energy can be used for new things.

When working with Energy Healing, there’s a path of thought I always try to follow.

First, is there a problem, and if so, what is it?  Don’t be afraid to identify issues.  You can’t change them if you don’t understand them!

Next, dive into the issue and really understand the complexity and the depth.  Honor the fact that you are not a two dimension cardboard cutout! You are an intricately balanced entity manifesting in a human body.  Dive below the surface and figure out what the emotional components are of the issue.

Third, what could affect this situation in a positive way?  In other words, what possible solutions are there?  This is not the time to limit yourself.  This is where you stretch outside of the current limitations.  If you had all the resources, all the time, all the ability, what would you do to affect this issue?  Once you’ve done the big brainstorm, look through your ideas for some real solutions.  They will be there!

Lastly, be realistic.  This doesn’t mean that you just have to resign yourself to being the way you are, but it does mean you have to meet yourself where you are in order to move forward.  If you have never exercised on a regular basis, it is unrealistic to demand that you suddenly leap into a program an hour a day every day!  It may also be unrealistic to ask yourself to do something new without some part of your support network being activated.  Let people know that things are changing and that you are going to need a little extra help for a while.  This is not a sign of weakness! You know how you feel when you help someone.  Give someone else the gift of helping you so that you will be capable of helping others when the time is right!

All in all, it does no one any good to simply beat yourself up for being tired.  When all is said and done, relax and rest.  There are reasons for everything, though we don’t always get to know them. There are patterns in everything, though we don’t always get to understand them.

Light’s Blessings to you all!

Master Healer Meade Neumann

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Perspective creates choice

Have you ever had a time when you felt completely overwhelmed?  Most of us have.  Some people spend most of their lives feeling this way.  You see, Overwhelm is one of the emotional family of Fear and Fear is a bully!  The beautiful thing about bullies is that they are predictable.

Overwhelm  loves to blow everything out of perspective, so that you are practically forced to focus only on what it wants you to.  Therefore, the defense against overwhelm is to allow your focus to move and change!  You pick what you want to look at, where you want your mind to center.  This is one of the wonderful places where understanding that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected can be so amazingly helpful.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are feeling overwhelmed about your day.  It’s morning, you are lying in bed and what you have on your schedule suddenly looms over you like a mugger getting ready to club you!  Unfortunately, far to many of us have been there, and the answer is never really allowed to involve pulling the covers over your head and fall back to sleep.  This time, you decide to take matters into your own hands.  You take a couple of deliberate breaths.  You take a few minutes and focus completely on the body, leaving the mind almost out of the equation.  In the bed, you stretch, gentle stretches designed to bring blood flow to the muscles and awaken them with care.  By the time you are done with your stretching, you are standing up and out of bed.  Autopilot may have begun to kick in and you may already find your morning routine.  Here’s the kicker…

How do you feel?  Somewhere in among the physical routines, your mental patterns reset.  You found something else to focus on and it allowed the tide of overwhelm to pass over you and be gone.  

Emotions are tricky things, and they have valid lessons and information for you.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want you to ignore your emotions.  I don’t want you to suppress your emotions.  I do want you to remember that you can choose how and when to work with them.  You are a capable person and you have extraordinary instincts.  You have the capacity to understand yourself in deep and meaningful ways.

Life is relative to your perspective.  Give yourself a chance to change the focus and create the life and the health you deserve. 

We all need help on our Healing Journeys.  I would be honored to be a part of yours!

Light’s Blessings,

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Body manifestations…

What would you say if I asked you what the connection was between experience and manifestation?  For many, it seems a rather confusing question.  After all, you may not realize that you have a lifetime’s experience manifesting reality!

Your body is an amazing creation, one that naturally takes in what is going on in your mind and in your spirit and uploads it in to the programs of your body.  Don’t believe me?  Every time you speak, you have manifested a thought into this world!  Every time you move, you have manifested force into this world.  Every time you take a thought and make it an action, you have manifested change into this world!

Perhaps a better question would be, how can you make better control what you manifest in your life!  Most of us have goals and dreams, things that we want to possess or to experience.  You probably have a perfect vacation stored somewhere deep in your mind.  You may even conceived of your ideal house or safe-haven.  Whatever you do, whoever you are, your goals and dreams are specific to you.  Your manifestations are just as much a product of what you dream about as what you worry about.  Unfortunately, most of us spend far more time worrying about the negative and therefore we attract that energetically into our lives!  

Now, take a moment and think about the various pains and discomforts of your body.  What if all of those signals are messages waiting for you to understand that the body is talking to you?  What if your body has been trying to let you know where it’s manifesting the pain and the sadness and the confusion.  Why would it do that?  Well, if it doesn’t tell you what’s going on in there, you can’t consciously affect change! Think about your personal issues.  Ask yourself how you feel emotionally about one of them.  Let it get beyond the first answer.  You may be sick and tired of being sick and tired, but why did your body attract a situation where you needed to be sick and tired?  Perhaps you haven’t been taking care of yourself and your body is trying to protect what little resources you have left.  Perhaps your boundaries have been over-run and your body is trying to make more and more buffer (fat cells) or armor (stiffness) to keep you safe.

Every experience in your life is written into your body.  Chronic health concerns, whether they are mental, emotional, physical or spiritual often have a link with old experiences which need healing.  When you take the time to pay attention to what you are manifesting, you can take control and choose joy, health and happiness.

For those of you who are excited about trying a new approach to your health and your life, I invite you to schedule a session today!

Light’s Blessings to you all,

Master Healer, Meade Neumann

Celebrating Self-Care for the Caregiver

May is often known as the month for Mother’s day, but in this age of non-binary identity I choose to celebrate the next 2 months as the Caregiver’s months, beginning with Nurturer’s Day on May 13, 2018. I grew up being trained to be a caregiver, and I found myself falling into the widely held unspoken belief that I was to care for everyone else, but not myself. Over the last several decades, I have been honored to work on many individuals who selflessly work day-in and day-out for their entire lives in the service of others. Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted to be in service to my family, my community and to my world! I am also an avid advocate for not leaving yourself out. If you are not in service to yourself, then you are exploiting a hidden weakness in your family, your community and your world. You are using up a finite resource without recharging it. You are disrespecting a person within all of those groups. You are poisoning the mind, the body and the soul of a person who is desperately needed by their family, community and world. It’s time to change the paradigm!

What kind of an amazing world could we create if it began with the idea that each of us is responsible for self-care? Wearing yourself to the bone would not be tolerated. Setting unachievable goals would be unacceptable. Forgetting to eat, or take time to relax would never again be viewed as lazy. Children often learn far more from what they see and experience than from what they are told. Adults may learn at a slower pace, having lost some of the sponge-like qualities that our children possess, but we still learn from the examples around us. It is time to set the examples for our children, and our children’s children, so that they may inherit a world which prizes caregivers.

For the month of May, I am encouraging people to reach out and care for their caregivers. Don’t just give them a token gift of your affection. Give them the time and the means to restore themselves. Help them see the value in what they have come to take for granted. Show them what it is like to be cared for, by caring for them, and then by caring for yourself so they don’t have to come back and clean up a mess! Any Healing Session or Package resulting from an Initial Consultation scheduled in either May or June will include a “Happy Nurturer’s Day” card and a jar candle sent to your special nurturing caregiver so that they will be reminded that they are a light of community. Each candle will be anointed with essential oils specifically chosen for your caregiver.

Celebrate the caregiver in your life, and remind them how much you care about them! (They tend to forget!)

In love and laughter,
Master Healer, Meade Neumann

The link between peace of mind and healthy body

Do you understand how the mind influences the body? You’re not a flash drive plugged into a really intricate biological computer. You are a spiritual creature manifested inside of your body and, because of that, you have an amazing ability to heal or to hinder yourself. Take a moment and think about the times you have had a bad day. The longer your bad day persisted, the more likely you started to experience physical pain. Maybe your back or your shoulders started to hurt. Maybe you started to get a headache. Maybe you just felt tired and overwhelmed. The longer your stress has persisted the more physical symptoms probably started popping up. You can stare at that pattern all day long and it’s not really going to change!

From a Healer’s perspective, there are always two objectives we are trying to achieve. First, we want to understand what is going on. Then, we want to affect what is going on so that you can experience greater harmony, greater flow and greater prosperity. Some patterns are easier to understand. Some problems are easier to solve, and you are already aware of that. What I want you to remember is that you are always manifesting your mental emotional patterns. It’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of recognizing that every human does it every moment of every day of their lives. Like any skill, though, there are levels of understanding and accomplishment. Imagine being able to take this innate ability and learn to consciously guide it. Imagine feeling yourself start to get out of sorts and decide it’s time to manifest joy. Imagine being capable of allowing yourself the time and care necessary for you to become truly comfortable in your skin. Imagine having so much compassion for yourself that you no longer beat yourself up and punish yourself for imaginary failures.

Just imagine what it could be like, if your body was reflecting your peace of mind instead of your suffering.

Now do you understand? Healing isn’t some baffling new age idea that never makes sense. It isn’t some crazy idea that only makes sense when you’re in an altered state of mind. Healing is what happens when you learn enough to let go and flow, surfing on the wave of the Universe’s Abundant Love.

Master Healer Meade Neumann
April 16, 2018