Releasing your Personal Paralysis!

Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by indecision and emotion? Most of us have and, to be honest, found it terrifying! As I have been moving through the world, I have noticed a lot of people who seem to be frozen in that state. Something happens and they shut down. The problem is, no one can live that way forever. How do you move past such a state?

The first step in creating a conscious change in any life is to realize that you are uncomfortable. Now, I realize I just told you that to get past being numb from overwhelm you need to feel. That sounds both awkward and unrealistic, but give me a few moments and trust that there’s a way forward. Emotional overwhelm usually starts with a particular emotion overwhelming a person. So, let’s start by separating our emotions just a little. It may be helpful to think about some positive emotions to begin with. Think about a funny joke. Did it hurt or feel uncomfortable to laugh? No? Ok, so joy is ok, at least in small amounts. Move your way into another emotion, maybe curiosity or delight. Find little pieces of emotion and carefully test them out, like putting a toe in the water. This is a gentle way of easing yourself back into emotion. You allow yourself to begin to understand that not all emotion is going to put you at risk!

Give yourself a little compassion and a little room to breathe. Each step you take needs to be accompanied by mindfulness of who you are and what you have lived through. This is not an invitation to be a victim! Just because you have lived through certain experiences does not give you the right or privilege to spew toxic emotional sludge on anyone else around you!

Once you have begun to feel, it’s time to take stock of what hurts and why. If you don’t address the causes of your emotional overwhelm, you will suffer from it and find yourself back in that state again! Do not go looking for the most tender parts of your mental or emotional state and drive spikes through them! Instead, breathe and move slowly and carefully. Can you find the space to look at your wounds with compassion? Can you find the holes and the shrapnel in your boundaries and be willing to hold space for yourself?

This is what I do. As a Life Coach and Energy Healer, I provide space for people to heal. I help them recognize where the wounds, the booby traps and the triggers are. In being able to see patterns, I then help empower people to heal their wounds, disengage the booby traps and diffuse the triggers. You don’t have to live in a numb zombie state for the rest of your life. You don’t have to live miserably, just barely surviving. In order for you to change, though, you have to realize that change is possible. It can be one of the scariest moments of healing, to take on the power of personal change. That moment of realization is often almost ecstatic, though, as you suddenly shift from fear to possibility.

I can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to come alive and enjoy your life! Improved quality of life is what I offer. It is not for the weak of heart and it is not and easy path. It is one of the most rewarding challenges that an individual can move through, though. I love what I do. I love being a witness to a moment of enlightenment, and the best part is I’m not a fly on the wall when it happens! I’m not hiding in secret, hoping no one notices what’s happening. I’m with them, right there in the moment, celebrating success and being amazed as a soul unfurls before me!

I hope you have someone in your life who is willing to help you grow and unfurl in magical and magnificent ways. If you need a little help, a guide, a Healer…come find me. I’m waiting and I would love to see what amazing discoveries we can make together within your reality!

Light’s Blessings to you all!

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Pain vs Harm

Have you ever had someone ask you not to hurt yourself?  You may have the best of intentions and yet somehow it often happens.  A misstep, a slip, or even just misjudging where the edge of something is suddenly rearranges the priorities of your day.  Hopefully, it’s a momentary event, mixed more with surprise than actual pain.  My work involves understanding how we attract those situations to us, and how we evaluate pain vs harm.

Perhaps, it would be best to define pain and harm first.  What are they?  Pain, literally, is a sensation your body uses to inform you that there is actual or potential for damage to the tissues of your body.  That means, your body will actually sometimes scare you into not doing something because it’s afraid you might hurt yourself!  If you’ve ever been stretching and encountered pain unexpectedly, you may have experienced this.  Harm, then is when damage actually occurs.  Harm, also, is an inference to negativity vs positive, damage vs healing.  In other words, it may hurt to tear off a scab but if it allows the infection beneath to be cleansed then it likely has not been harmful.  If, on the other hand, you twist your own arm behind your back just to see how much pain you can handle, you are actually harming yourself.

Unfortunately, most of your life isn’t spent in such straightforward situations.  As a human, you have both a conscious and a subconscious mind.  Your consciousness only has a tiny amount of control over the energy exuded by you as an entity.  This is why I often remind people that the Universe is never not listening.  It hears you when you think about not wanting to harm yourself, but it also hears you when you think about your likes, your dislikes, your worries, your concerns and every other thought.   

What it comes down to, then, is understanding that you are always attracting to you the reality which you best understand.  For individuals who have suffered tremendously, they understand on a very conscious level, issues of safety and security that penetrate all the way to their core.  It has never failed to amaze me how we can end up twisted in knots (physically, mentally and even spiritually) simply trying to avoid pain.  You can literally harm yourself avoiding pain.

There is a wonderful side of this equation, then.  As a Healer, I get to work with the most amazing people.  Together, we delve into the pains, the lives and the experiences and we find the patterns of choice, of mindset and even of illness.  In understanding you find possibility to do things in ways that heal instead of harm.  In awareness you find the choice of action.  In opening up to yourself, you are given the ability to become the greatest possibilities of being yourself.

I hope this gives you a moment of thought.  No matter what your situation, there is always a place to begin or enhance your healing.  I would be honored to work with you!

Light’s Blessings,

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Perspective creates choice

Have you ever had a time when you felt completely overwhelmed?  Most of us have.  Some people spend most of their lives feeling this way.  You see, Overwhelm is one of the emotional family of Fear and Fear is a bully!  The beautiful thing about bullies is that they are predictable.

Overwhelm  loves to blow everything out of perspective, so that you are practically forced to focus only on what it wants you to.  Therefore, the defense against overwhelm is to allow your focus to move and change!  You pick what you want to look at, where you want your mind to center.  This is one of the wonderful places where understanding that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected can be so amazingly helpful.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are feeling overwhelmed about your day.  It’s morning, you are lying in bed and what you have on your schedule suddenly looms over you like a mugger getting ready to club you!  Unfortunately, far to many of us have been there, and the answer is never really allowed to involve pulling the covers over your head and fall back to sleep.  This time, you decide to take matters into your own hands.  You take a couple of deliberate breaths.  You take a few minutes and focus completely on the body, leaving the mind almost out of the equation.  In the bed, you stretch, gentle stretches designed to bring blood flow to the muscles and awaken them with care.  By the time you are done with your stretching, you are standing up and out of bed.  Autopilot may have begun to kick in and you may already find your morning routine.  Here’s the kicker…

How do you feel?  Somewhere in among the physical routines, your mental patterns reset.  You found something else to focus on and it allowed the tide of overwhelm to pass over you and be gone.  

Emotions are tricky things, and they have valid lessons and information for you.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want you to ignore your emotions.  I don’t want you to suppress your emotions.  I do want you to remember that you can choose how and when to work with them.  You are a capable person and you have extraordinary instincts.  You have the capacity to understand yourself in deep and meaningful ways.

Life is relative to your perspective.  Give yourself a chance to change the focus and create the life and the health you deserve. 

We all need help on our Healing Journeys.  I would be honored to be a part of yours!

Light’s Blessings,

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Healing for for now and for later!

Have you gotten sick and tired of being sick, tired and frustrated?  You didn’t get this way in a day or even a week.  Over time, you made decisions, you experienced events, and it has all led you to being where and how you are now.  You haven’t always been this way and you wont always be this way.  Something has to change, though, in order for you to heal!

Healing starts with an understanding that you are an amazingly complex energy creature manifest in a human body.  You’re not plugged in to the brain like a little thumb drive, and you’re not just riding around in a human shell.  You are manifest throughout your body!  Every biological system was created with that energy in mind, but it’s like we forgot to turn on some of the systems.  Like any good system, it’s been waiting for you to tell it to upgrade the settings and build you up from the inside out!  Healing is about reconnecting with all of the different parts of you.  It’s about finding the different voices and harmonizing them.  It’s about finding your balance between the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.  The work may never be “done”, but you can create a better quality of life as an average place for you to move from every day.  

Think about it this way.  You wouldn’t imagine that you could have one amazing dinner and then never eat again, would you?  Healing is not the attempt to create some piece of perfection.  Perfection is a plastic houseplant.  It doesn’t change.  It doesn’t grow and it can’t give of itself without harming itself.  Don’t strive to be the plastic houseplant!  Strive to be yourself and honor all of the unique pieces of yourself that need nurturing, compassion and love!

With that in mind, I’m inviting you to invest in your self, your future and your possibilities.  I have 2 new options which I am offering to those who are serious about wanting to change their lives and heal.  You can choose to buy a series of 5 sessions and you get a discounted 6th session for half-off or you can choose to buy a series of 10 sessions and receive a bonus 11th session for free!  The series are adaptable, so this means you can make all of your sessions Massage Healing Sessions or you can switch it up and create a series with some Massage Healing Sessions and some Energy Healing Sessions.  As always, all sessions include Energy Healing and Life Coaching.

Change is always happening.  Conscious change requires conscious awareness, though and if you want it to happen quickly you have to be willing to put time and effort in to it.  It’s like driving a car.  When you got on the Interstate for the first time, there was a lot of worry and potential panic!  You were hyper aware of everybody who was on the road with you!  The more time you spent on the Interstate and in the car, the more comfortable you became with what you needed to be aware of and how you operated within those situations.  Healing is the same way.  If you only take the time to work on your personal healing once in a while, every few months, there won’t be a huge change!  Imagine what strides you could make in increasing your joy, raising your energy and your spirits and creating health and harmony in your life.

I love working with my clients.  You guys make my life incredible.  I want to share that with you!  I love seeing the look on your face when a pattern suddenly makes sense and something that was frustrating and confusing suddenly has a simple solution.  Let me make that part of your life!  Schedule a session today.  Buy a series and invest in yourself!

Light’s Blessings,

Master Healer Meade Neumann

Happy Independence Day!

In the chaos and confusion of this current day, I want you to consider your own personal reality. Happy Independence Day! You have the ability to manifest and change your world every moment of every day. If you are not happy with your current situation, change it! Invest the time and the energy into manifesting what you want in your world. There is already enough hate, anger and fear. What if you were to work on creating joy, delight and awe? What if you decided to embody the change you want to see in the world?
Freedom works when there is respect. No amount of anger is going to force and hold a change based solely on righteous indignation and rage. Embody the respect you want to see in the world.

Health happens when you balance the mind, the body and the soul. Balance happens when there is awareness and communication. Imagine what kind of a world we could create if we all embodied awareness and communication. Imagine what kind of a life you could create if you opened your mind up to all of the layers of yourself, if you learned to trust and find peace with yourself. Now take that concept and expand it globally.

Manifestation is a huge power and a huge responsibility. Humans have been ignorantly abusing that power for centuries and yet spending the same amount of time claiming helplessness. Take control of yourself and learn to wield the power each of us is inherently capable of.

Happy Independence Day!

To your Health and Prosperity,
Master Healer Meade Neumann

The link between peace of mind and healthy body

Do you understand how the mind influences the body? You’re not a flash drive plugged into a really intricate biological computer. You are a spiritual creature manifested inside of your body and, because of that, you have an amazing ability to heal or to hinder yourself. Take a moment and think about the times you have had a bad day. The longer your bad day persisted, the more likely you started to experience physical pain. Maybe your back or your shoulders started to hurt. Maybe you started to get a headache. Maybe you just felt tired and overwhelmed. The longer your stress has persisted the more physical symptoms probably started popping up. You can stare at that pattern all day long and it’s not really going to change!

From a Healer’s perspective, there are always two objectives we are trying to achieve. First, we want to understand what is going on. Then, we want to affect what is going on so that you can experience greater harmony, greater flow and greater prosperity. Some patterns are easier to understand. Some problems are easier to solve, and you are already aware of that. What I want you to remember is that you are always manifesting your mental emotional patterns. It’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of recognizing that every human does it every moment of every day of their lives. Like any skill, though, there are levels of understanding and accomplishment. Imagine being able to take this innate ability and learn to consciously guide it. Imagine feeling yourself start to get out of sorts and decide it’s time to manifest joy. Imagine being capable of allowing yourself the time and care necessary for you to become truly comfortable in your skin. Imagine having so much compassion for yourself that you no longer beat yourself up and punish yourself for imaginary failures.

Just imagine what it could be like, if your body was reflecting your peace of mind instead of your suffering.

Now do you understand? Healing isn’t some baffling new age idea that never makes sense. It isn’t some crazy idea that only makes sense when you’re in an altered state of mind. Healing is what happens when you learn enough to let go and flow, surfing on the wave of the Universe’s Abundant Love.

Master Healer Meade Neumann
April 16, 2018

Overcoming the obvious

Have you ever decided not to do something because it was just too overwhelming?  Your health can often become one of those tasks, particularly if you are dealing with chronic pain and illness.  The idea that you could overcome what looks like an obviously overwhelming situation seems impossible!  That’s where the job of a Healer truly begins.

You see, it’s my job to show you a perspective where healing becomes possible in your mind and in your gut.  Healing is a visceral experience, and those I work with begin to understand just how interwoven we are, in body, mind and spirit.  But every massive wound and chronic illness began with something much, much smaller.

Just as old disharmony began with one or two sour notes, so to can your harmony.  You are an amazing person, capable of wondrous possibilities and fascinating solutions.  Your unique ways of living and approaching life are part of what makes up your body, your mind and your spirit and therefore part of what makes up your pain and your healing.

If you’re facing a towering problem, begin by finding a small place to begin.  This is not a challenge to see how big a bite you can begin with, but rather, what small piece can you begin with which is controllable but changeable?  Through time, persistence, determination and courage, all things can be changed.  The tallest tree in the forest may fall to the efforts of the tiny black beetle.

When working with a Healer, you open yourself up to learning more about yourself, your patterns and your ways of understanding.  You accept the fundamental truth that you affect your reality.  You work together to create new tools, new techniques and amazing new revelations to help move you from a point of suffering to a place of peace.   Though the process is certainly not easy, it is profoundly rewarding.

Remember, it’s never enough to simply survive….Strive to THRIVE!!!

In love and light.  Master Healer Meade Neumann

Change can be amazing!


This morning I woke up and I realized that change had happened and that it was wonderful!  I woke up feeling refreshed and comfortable with my body.  When you spend your time always being aware, in some part of your mind, of pain, suffering and discomfort, it wears you down.  You spend your energy trying to cope with the symptoms and have less to use for what you really want.

This time, my changes happened partially because I changed both my eating habits and my exercise habits.  What I realized, though, was that the evolution which had occurred had much more to do with my acceptance of my body as it was.  I stopped judging my body as some thing that was doing me wrong.  I started working with it as a partner.  Did I train my body in a better way?  Did my body train me?  Neither perspective serves.  My body and I are finding mutual ways to communicate needs, desires and boundaries.  Together, I am recreating the vessel in which I live.

Imagine the possibilities when you realize that the impossible is possible.  Health is a mindset.  Change is part of it!  Remember, it’s never enough to simply survive…Strive to THRIVE!!!

Master Healer, Meade Neumann