Happy Independence Day!

In the chaos and confusion of this current day, I want you to consider your own personal reality. Happy Independence Day! You have the ability to manifest and change your world every moment of every day. If you are not happy with your current situation, change it! Invest the time and the energy into manifesting what you want in your world. There is already enough hate, anger and fear. What if you were to work on creating joy, delight and awe? What if you decided to embody the change you want to see in the world?
Freedom works when there is respect. No amount of anger is going to force and hold a change based solely on righteous indignation and rage. Embody the respect you want to see in the world.

Health happens when you balance the mind, the body and the soul. Balance happens when there is awareness and communication. Imagine what kind of a world we could create if we all embodied awareness and communication. Imagine what kind of a life you could create if you opened your mind up to all of the layers of yourself, if you learned to trust and find peace with yourself. Now take that concept and expand it globally.

Manifestation is a huge power and a huge responsibility. Humans have been ignorantly abusing that power for centuries and yet spending the same amount of time claiming helplessness. Take control of yourself and learn to wield the power each of us is inherently capable of.

Happy Independence Day!

To your Health and Prosperity,
Master Healer Meade Neumann